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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Was recommended by a friend to try here as I'd had a bad experience at another place in the area and I had anxiety about going back to any dentist. From receptionist, to hygienist to finally a consult with the dentist... Everyone was friendly, professional and took note of my specific needs or problems/questions. Didn't feel rushed and got answers to questions other dentists had ignored.


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Yaroslav Vasyutyak


    With years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Yaroslav Vasyutyak always takes a seasoned approach to all the dental work he conducts. As a member of multiple dental organizations, he understands the importance of keeping up to date with modern practices, and always offers the best in his services to all his patients. Dr. Vasyutyak and his staff at our downtown dental clinic in Toronto are dedicated individuals who always put the patient first, and are prepared to accommodate any special needs you require. They take a holistic approach to dentistry, and are devoted to serving you and your family for all your oral health needs. For downtown dental in Toronto, Dr. Vasyutyak is always accommodating new patients and families.


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      Haven't had a dental visit in yearsssssss... I have extreme anxiety going to the dentist. Today, I had an amazing experience with the team at Queens Quay Dental! Very welcoming, knowledgeable, clean, etc. Thank you! ❤️

      Posted on Aug 16, 2022

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      Cheeper Tizhe

      I also recommend Queens Quay Dental Centre

      Posted on Jan 17, 2022

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      Seemanti Ghatak

      I had dental anxiety and dealing with anxious patients is not a cup of tea. Both the assistants and the dentist was absolutely immaculate and knew what exactly was needed to be done. I was getting a wisdom teeth removed for the first time and my heart was racing. The assistants constantly chatted with me to encourage me, they had some Bollywood music on for me as well. I requested for Nitrious Oxide - they gave that to me and proceeded with the entire dental procedure. The doctor knew exactly what was needed to be done and in no time I had my tooth removed pain-free. He also recommended some medicinal drugs for the pain and explained in detail the healing and after care procedure. 100% recommendation for this place. After you are done you can take a walk to the amazing waterfront trail as well. I know now where I am heading now incase there is a need. I will always remember this day as I know now I have overcome my dental fear and it is only because of them. So, thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

      Posted on Jun 24, 2021