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Meet Walter - He’ll handle much more than just live chat…

Walter acts as your 24/7 digital receptionist and helps practices that are short-staffed because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Stay connected while your office is temporarily closed. Walter is your 24/7 digital receptionist

Your staff have their hands full. Most existing and new patients have very similar questions, which is why we created Walter. Walter is trained to update patients on the status of your office with COVID-19. He can also qualify and screen patients, answer common questions, and help you generate more new patient leads.

Easily jump into the conversation

We've found the biggest challenge with website chat is that it's not flexible. Now you don't have to choose between live chat agents and robots. When Walter engages in a chat with a website visitor, you and/or your staff will get notified. From there, you can either jump into the conversation and instant message with the visitor or you can let Walter handle the communication, and capture the lead.

Text enable your office phone line for virtual consultations

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to unfold, many patients are resorting to instant messaging and text messages as their primary means of communication. Connect the Doc can "text enable" your existing office phone number (or provide you with a unique textable number) so that you can communicate with your patients via SMS text messaging.

Automatically send a text message to patients who can't get through

Whether you have limited staff during COVID-19 or your staff are busy on the phone rescheduling appointments, you never want to miss an opportunity to get a new patient. If you miss a phone call, Walter can automatically send a text to the caller so that you never miss an opportunity to engage with patients. This feature is coming soon.

Designed for dental and orthodontics practices, Walter gets smarter after every chat.

Most chatbots are designed for the average small business and do not have an understanding of the dental space. Walter is powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, which means that the more conversations he has, the smarter he gets. Walter has been programmed specifically for dental and medical practices.

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