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Connect the Doc is a really great site. It is so user friendly and simple to use. I have used it a number of times by booking my OWN medical appointments from my own home! The convenience of this website is amazing and I wish all practitioners were a...
Alannah Davis / Alannah Davis
Connect the Doc saved my life. My neck was killing me after a long week at work and I needed to see a chiropractor ASAP. Thankfully I came across Connect the Doc and was able to book a Saturday appointment online. For maybe the first time in my life ...
Zoe M. / Zoe M.
I came across Connectthedoc.com in the evening after injuring my back playing soccer. Within a few minutes navigating through the site, I had found, booked, and confirmed my appointment for the next morning. The fact that I was comparing and booking ...
Jeff K. / Jeff K.