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Show up When and Where it Matters

Connect the Doc manages your pay per click campaigns to optimize where and when you show up and maximizes patient conversions.

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Stress-free Pay Per Click Campaign Optimization

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Right Place, Right Time

Show up when and where your prospects are searching. PPC campaigns allow you to be extremely selective on the type of treatments you’re looking to promote.

End-to-End Campaign Management

Connect the Doc handles the entire marketing infrastructure from ads to landing pages for your practice.

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Full transparency

Full Transparency

Know exactly how much and where your ad budget is distributed at all times through our reports.

Optimizing results

Optimizing for Results

We rigorously test campaigns and optimize for results that actually move the needle for your practice.

Crafted for your practice

Crafted for Your Practice

No matter the stage or the size of your practice, we have a solution to help you stay competitive.

Rykiss Orthodontics

Over $5,000,000 and counting in New Patient Production

Dr. Mark Rykiss
Rykiss Orthodontics
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