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Rykiss Orthodontics

More than 1,400 new patient reviews with Connect the Doc.

Rykiss Orthodontics offers orthodontic treatment throughout multiple locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Before partnering with Connect the Doc, Dr. Mark Rykiss and his team were having a difficult time finding a service that would integrate with their orthodontic software and automate the process of asking for patient reviews.

Dr. Rykiss knew that generating reviews on highly visible sources like Google, Facebook and RateMDs would be beneficial to the growth of his practice, he just didn’t know where to start.

After meeting Connect the Doc’s Co-Founder, Nadeem Kassam, at an orthodontic convention in Florida, Dr. Rykiss decided to give Connect the Doc a shot.

Since partnering with Connect the Doc, Dr. Mark Rykiss has been one of our biggest advocates.

In our first year with Connect the Doc we got more than 100 new patients resulting in over $500K in new cases. Our reviews have gone from practically nothing to more than 400 on Google, Facebook, and RateMDs. In my 36 years of being in practice, I’ve never come across a marketing solution that delivers so much value.

Dr. Mark Rykiss
— Rykiss Orthodontics

Taking advantage of the power of automated patient review requests.

Connect the Doc worked with the team at Rykiss Orthodontics to create a custom integration into their orthodontic software so that they could automate their review request process.

Once Rykiss Orthodontics was able to use Connect the Doc to ask their patients for reviews automatically, their staff became more relaxed, and were able to focus on their most important task: providing the best possible patient experience.

Since partnering with Connect the Doc, Rykiss Orthodontics has seen an increase of over 1,400 patient reviews.

Standing out from the competition.

One of the goals of Rykiss Orthodontics was to make sure that their practice showed up when prospective patients were searching for an orthodontist in Winnipeg.

Since generating hundreds and hundreds of reviews with Connect the Doc, Google’s search algorithm sees Rykiss Orthodontics as an authoritative figure in the orthodontic space in Winnipeg. Because of this, many of Rykiss Orthodontics’ new patients come from online searches.

Top local rankings ensures Rykiss Orthodontics can be found easily.

Leveraging positive reviews through social and website sharing.

Rykiss Orthodontics knew the value of generating reviews online but they also wanted to make sure that prospective patients were reading these reviews.

With Connect the Doc’s customizable website widgets and social media sharing, Rykiss Orthodontics was able to automatically share all of their positive reviews on their website and on Facebook.

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