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It’s hard to get leads, make them count

Connect the Doc CRM helps you visualize relevant metrics in an easy-to-view dashboard. Attract, manage and close more leads with confidence in your analytics.

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Stay Engaged with Leads From Prospect to Patient

Dental CRM

Stay on Top of Every Lead

Quickly visualize and keep track of your current sales metrics and prospect journeys through our intuitive dashboard.

Centralized Communication

Connect the Doc simplifies communications. Stay inside one interface to both text and email prospects.

Central Communication
Made For Teams

Made for Teams

Easily track and manage who is responsible for each lead.

Seamlessly Integrates

Seamlessly Integrated

Connect the Doc connects your leads from different platforms into one easily manageable space.

Custom Phone Number

Custom Phone Number

We provide a dedicated phone number local to your area to text your patients and leads.

Rykiss Orthodontics

Over $5,000,000 and counting in New Patient Production

Dr. Mark Rykiss
Rykiss Orthodontics
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