Turn your patients into practice ambassadors

Word of mouth referrals are one of the oldest and most trusted ways to grow your practice. Leverage positive experiences to turn your patients into practice ambassadors.

Ask for referrals automatically

Word of mouth referrals have always been the most cost-effective way to grow your practice, but “asking” can be extremely awkward and uncomfortable for your staff. We automate asking so you don’t have to.

Tap into your existing patient’s social networks

Even if your patients are willing to refer their friends, they may not know which friends require care. With Connect the Doc, referrals are made via social media so you get exposure to their friends and family.

Convert more referrals

Boost your new patient volume by converting more referral opportunities. Connect the Doc referral links are attached to an online appointment booking system that helps you get more new patients.

Track & reward referrals

Connect the Doc referral links are automatically tracked so you can discover which patients at your practice are making the most referrals and reward them for their loyalty and support.

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Connect the Doc will help your practice establish a professional online presence, dominate search results, get more reviews and grow your practice by attracting more patients.