How to Increase the ROI of Your Dental PPC Campaign

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June 14, 2023
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Dental PPC campaigns are a proven dental marketing technique used to boost dental practices’ patient acquisition rates and marketing ROI. These campaigns have increased practices’ online visibility and attract about 180 million impressions per month to businesses’ websites. 

With dental PPC search ads campaigns, you’re likely to get 1.5 more conversions than organic SEO efforts. And that many conversions could be the difference between a revenue boost and a slow month in the office. But despite these remarkable results, how can you set yourself up to get more return on investments from your dental PPC campaigns? 

This article will explore five ways you can increase the ROI of your dental PPC campaigns. You’ll learn tips and tweaks you can make to your PPC campaign so you can make more money from them. 

Before we get into these tips, keep in mind that the strategies we’re about share are primarily helpful if you have optimized or plan to optimize your dental website for SEO. SEO and PPC go hand in hand in many ways. The results you get from one technique can inform the way you go about the other. So, you’ll find that some of the tips we share require some SEO considerations. 

5 Ways to Increase the ROI of Your Dental PPC Campaigns

1. Target Local Keywords

Local keywords (also known as localized keywords) are fast becoming crucial to the success of several digital dental marketing campaigns. More patients rely on local services for information about their dental healthcare, and as such, their search queries are specific to their local communities. 

With this in mind, you should consider running dental PPC campaigns that target local, long-tail keywords. These keywords tend to have less competition and lead to more conversions compared to generalized keywords. They also help you reach your ideal patients better. By using these keywords, you could pay less for your campaigns and yet see a boost in conversions. 

2. Add Negative Keywords

Your dental PPC campaign could be stalling because your ads appear for keywords that do not apply to your dental services or practice. When running PPC ads campaigns, you can add negative keywords to limit the search queries for which your PPC ads show up. For example, if you don’t offer teeth whitening services, you can add ‘teeth whitening near me’ or ‘teeth whitening services in Michigan’ as negative keywords, so your ads aren’t wasted on the wrong audience. 

3. Optimize Landing Pages

Your dental PPC campaign should direct prospective patients to a unique landing page on your website. This landing page should share specific information about your dental practice that’s relevant to your target audience. The content on this page should be related to the offer made in the PPC ad. It should also include a compelling CTA and testimonials. If your landing page is missing any of these details, you should consider updating it. 

4. Automate Your Response

If your dental PPC campaigns are directing prospective patients to call your office or schedule an appointment through your dental website, you should make sure that there’s a seamless process in place for responding to those calls or booking those appointments. 

For phone calls, you should make sure there’s always someone available to pick up the phone and respond professionally during work hours for phone calls. Outside work hours, you should have voicemail set up so patients can leave a message. Alternatively, you can use Connect the Doc’s Live Chat (Walter) to send automated text messages whenever you cannot answer the phone. 

Walter is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. You can use this tool to share information with your prospective patients who land on your website after seeing your PPC ads. It is built specifically for dental and orthodontics practices, and its responses are tailored to field your patients’ inquiries. 

5. Measure Your Progress

Finally, you should measure and evaluate your progress regularly. Most online advertisement platforms, such as Google Ads, can automatically track your dental PPC campaign performance. Still, you have to take the time to evaluate the results and gather insights about your patients. Use those insights to make better decisions about the way you run your PPC campaigns. 

A Connect the Doc dental marketing specialist can work with you to set up, manage, evaluate and gather critical insights from your dental PPC campaigns so you can make the most of them. With one of our digital dental marketing experts by your side, you can be well on your way to increasing the ROI of your PPC campaigns.

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