Your Dental Practice’s Website Needs Live Chat

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June 14, 2023
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Waiting isn’t fun. When your dental health is at stake, waiting can be even more frustrating. Over the past few months, several patients have had to wait for an opportunity to connect with their dentists again. The COVID-19 pandemic separated dentists from their patients and slowed business down for dental practices. There is a dire need for dentists and their patients to have a seamless way of communicating. With Walter, Connect the Doc’s intelligent live chat technology, dentists and patients can now get through to each other quickly and conveniently. 

Live chat is a customer support technology that allows patients to interact with their dentists directly from the dental practice’s website. This technology has been around since the 1970s. Although businesses have been slow to embrace it over the years, live chat is more relevant and more needed today than anytime before.

The speed of service delivery is everything in today’s market. Patients want to be attended to as quickly as possible. The pandemic has made the need for urgency more important to patients. Even after the pandemic is over, patients will continue to be eager for immediate responses to ensure they remain in good health. 

Live chat is great for boosting your website engagement, generating more leads and increasing sales. 41% of customers prefer live chats to other communication channels because they know they will get immediate responses. More so, 63% of the people who use live chat on your website are likely to return to your website.

If these statistics don't convince you, the rest of this article will. In this article, you will learn the benefits of having live chat on your dental practice’s website. You will also learn why Connect the Doc’s live chat technology is a great option for your practice.

Benefits of Having Live Chat on Your Dental Practice's Website

  1. Live Chat allows your patients to connect with you in real-time

The modern patient is used to being convenient. They can easily search for and learn new information on the internet. They can order items to their home within minutes. They can communicate with friends and family instantly through text messages. Similarly, most patients want to be able to connect with their dentists conveniently. 

If a patient visits your dental practice’s website and has a query, they shouldn’t have to send you an email or call you to ask a quick question. They should be able to connect with you in real-time and get answers quickly through a live chat on your website. Live chat helps you cover the communication gaps with your patients. With live chat, you can ease patients’ concerns and encourage them to book an appointment with you. 

  1. Live Chat generates more leads and increases sales for your dental practice

With live chat technology, you can boost your dental practice’s website engagement and conversion. As patients spend more time interacting with you through your website, they will get to see more of your website content and learn more about the quality of your service. Increased website engagement leads to more leads, conversions and sales. 

  1. Live Chat improves your patient’s service experience and loyalty

We all like being attended to as quickly as possible. No one likes to be left out in the cold or ignored. Live chat ensures your current and prospective patients get the attention and answers they need as soon as possible. By attending to your patients in a swift, seamless and professional manner using live chat technology, you can boost their trust and loyalty in your dental practice. Patients are more likely to return to dental practices that are helpful and available to attend to their needs. 

  1. Live Chat makes it easy for you to learn more about your patients

The more you interact with your patients, the better you get to know them. With Connect the Doc’s intelligent live chat technology, Walter, your patients can expect responses that are more personalized and specific to their needs with every new interaction. As a dentist, you can learn more about your patients and understand what their common needs or concerns are. This helps to improve your strategy for service delivery. 

Your dental practice’s website needs Live Chat

Walter is Connect the Doc’s intelligent live chat technology. Programmed specifically for dental and medical practices, Walter is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning. This means he gets smarter and provides more in-depth and personalized responses with each interaction he has with your patients. 

As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, dentists are learning to embrace technology in their practices. With Walter, you can attend to your patient’s needs while your dental practice is temporarily closed due to the pandemic and as you work towards thriving in a post-pandemic world. Walter is trained to inform your patients about your COVID-19 updates, screen patients before appointments and respond quickly to their queries. Long after the pandemic, this seamless means of communication will play a crucial role in rebuilding the dental industry and improving the delivery of dental care and services. 

Connect the Doc is committed to providing intelligent solutions that enhance your dental marketing strategies. This is why we have programmed Walter to be as flexible as possible. When Walter begins an interaction with a patient, you or your team member gets notified. You can choose to jump into the conversation or let Walter handle it and capture the lead. You can also text-enable your dental practice’s phone line so you can continue conversations via text messages and keep your patients updated about their appointments. 

As you navigate the pandemic and prepare for business after the pandemic, you need to leverage solutions, tools and technology that can position your dental practice for success. Our intelligent live chat technology, Walter, is your number one solution for improving the speed and quality of communication with your patients, generating more leads, increasing sales and building patient loyalty.

Waiting isn’t fun. Your patients shouldn’t have to wait any longer. Contact a Connect the Doc expert today to learn more about Walter or request a demo.

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