Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Calls to Action

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The Connect the Doc Team

Calls to Actions are an important aspect of today’s websites whether they are in the form of a button, a banner or some other type of graphic or text; they are essential if one wants to convert web traffic into customers. However, many websites are not using Calls to Action to their full potential today. Here are 10 tips to help get that extra bit of conversion out of your CTA’s:

1. Try playing around with the colours of your CTA

Experiment with different colours and see which ones grab the attention of your visitors the most; as a rule of thumb, orange is usually a good colour to start with.

2. Locations 

Try moving your CTA around; you’ll have to test it out and see whether placing your CTA above or below the fold work better.

3. Be creative with your CTA

They don’t always have to be buttons; a banner or graphic may work better depending on who the visitors to your website are.

4. Timing 

If you have a story to tell about your company, you may want to consider putting your CTA after the story or your visitors may be distracted by the CTA.

5. Reverse psychology works more often than you think

Even if you put up a button that says “don’t click”, it may improve your conversion rates.

6. Design your CTAs carefully

For example, putting trust or credit card symbols or even your product on your CTA can help grab that extra bit of attention.

7. CTAs upon exit

You can gain a substantial boost in conversion by creating CTAs upon exit of your website; some softwares which help you do that include WP Lead Magnet and Bounce Exchange.

8. Special Effects for your CTA

Make your CTA follow your reader as they scroll, or even just a wiggle once in a while can let your readers focus more on it.

9. More space around your CTA

Make sure that not only your Calls To Action stand out, but the space around them also stand out — even a little bit of extra white space will potentially result in more clicks.

10. Make CTAs unavailable

No CTAs and telling people that you are sold out of your product is a sure way to impress you visitors and for them to remember your website.