Tips for Rising Above Your Competitors

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The Connect the Doc Team

Vancouverites are a health-conscious bunch, and it shows in the amount of healthcare clinics just in and around the city of Vancouver — there are over 2000 Physiotherapists, RMTs and Chiropractors. So what makes customers choose your services instead of the thousands of other choices available? Here are some tips to help you secure your own strong customer base.  

1. Be specific about what types of customers you target, and get really good at what they tend to need:

It’s good to go after the entire market, but your marketing strategies will rarely work on everyone in the market. The worst case scenario is that you are so unfocused that instead of marketing to everyone, you market to no one. Pick specific types of target customers  — middle-aged yogis in Kitsilano, car accident injury rehab, etc. — and concentrate on them. It might be good for you to focus on a niche market rather than the entire market, especially if you are finding it hard to compete with some of the more established clinics out there. Also, get really good at what your target customer base wants — if a lot of your customers are athletes, you want to establish yourself as a leader in treating tendinitis or sports injury rehab.

2. Set yourself apart from your competitors through a unique story:

With the advent of social media, it is easier to connect with your prospective clients than ever before. Customers prefer companies which they can identify with and put a face or a characteristic to. Make sure you have good social media marketing in order to set you apart from your competitors.

3. Improve the accessibility and overall look of your website:

Make sure your clinic website is clean and easy to use with good Call-to-Actions; the first impression is very important for a prospective customer looking for clinics online because there are so many out there. For other ways to improve your website, see our 5 Tips for a Better Landing Page.