Defining Your Target Demographic

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The Connect the Doc Team

It is important to define and segment your specific patient demographics to better concentrate your marketing focus. Let’s look at your current patients who are your ‘regulars.’ What are some of their characteristics?

Think about their age, income, education, gender, ethnicity, etc. From the visuals in your print collateral to the messaging on your website, all of your marketing efforts should cater to your specific target demographics.

If you do not know your target demographics, try creating a trial marketing campaign that targets your ideal patients and see what the response is. If your demographic is younger than 40, you can use online tools like the demographic filter on Facebook ads to learn more about the people interested in your service. Once you understand who your demographic is, you can use split testing to determine the best messaging, concepts, and themes of your marketing efforts.


Write down the characteristics of your current clientele and your ideal clientele. Think about what products and/ or services are most profitable for your business and whether your current clientele or your ideal clientele utilizes these products and/or services.