Basic Tips for Improving Your Facebook Presence

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The Connect the Doc Team

Last time, we talked about how to thrive on Twitter; this time, we will focus on strategies which will help you improve your engagement on your Facebook page. 

1. Ask questions in your posts

There are many ways to improve your visibility on Facebook, and the best way to do so is to engage your followers in active discussions; ask questions to encourage dialogue in order for people to respond to your posts. There are many types of questions you can ask, make sure you play around with them to see what types of questions your audience responds best to.

2. Timing and frequency of your posts

Often, companies will post to their Facebook profiles with little or no organization. You should keep track of the timing of your posts (noon-time and 7 in the afternoon tend to work well as a general rule) and if possible, track your posts through your analytics in order to figure out what is the optimal time for posting, as well as how many times you post a day.

3. Include Call-to-Actions

Call to Actions, if you’re not familiar with them, are a specific actions you want your audience to take. For example, you might include a bright button on your website that says “Book Now!” as a Call to Action for potential customers who want to book an appointment for your healthcare clinic. It’s a good idea to include them in all your posts so that you can nudge your audience along. For more about Call to Actions, learn about the top 10 ways to improve your Call-to-Actions here!

4. Photos

Including photos in your posts not only help make your Facebook page prettier, it also helps your followers relate to you — in this impersonal age of the internet, sometimes being able to put a face to your business will help customers tip the scales in your favor.

5. Hold Facebook contests

Another really good way to engage Facebook users is to hold contests – contests create excitement, rewards fan loyalty and will earn more views because contest participants will visit your page to check if they have won anything.