How Live Chatbot Improves Your Dentist-Patient Relationships

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June 14, 2023
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As more patients look to digital platforms and websites for information about their healthcare and wellbeing, it is vital that you position your dental practice’s website as a source of quality and reliable oral health information. One way to do this is to integrate a Live Chatbot tool into your dental website. 

What is a Live Chatbot?

Live Chatbot is a communication channel that enables your dental practice to engage with your patients in real-time, at any time. This channel exists as software that’s integrated into a dental website. So as your existing and prospective patients visit your website, they can ask questions or source information by simply having a conversation using the Live Chatbot tool. 

Live Chatbot tools, like Connect the Doc’s Walter, are highly effective in ensuring patients or your dental website visitors get the responses and information they need to make a good decision about your dental services. For example, Walter uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide detailed responses to patient’s inquiries and point them in the right direction for more information. 

3 Ways Live Chatbot Can Improve Your Dentist-Patient Relationships

Your dentist-patient relationship refers to the quality of interaction between you or your dental practice and your patients. Dentists want high-value patients, and patients want dentists they can trust. The onus is on you, as a dentist, to find ways to improve your patient experience so you can win their trust and business and they can realize how valuable your expertise and dental services are to them. 

Live Chatbot can help you break the ice with patients and serve as the beginning of what could be a fruitful relationship. Let’s take a look at three ways Live Chatbots can improve your patient’s experience as well as the quality of your dentist-patient relationships. 

  1. Live Chatbot Gives Patients Easy Access to Information

With so much information easily accessible online, patients are already used to finding results to just about any query through a quick Google Search. As such, they are likely to invest in the dental practice that provides them with the most relevant information when they need it. To remain competitive, you need a Live Chatbot tool that can be on standby to field patients’ inquiries at any time. 

There are several live chatbot tools or services out there that, unfortunately, are designed for dental or orthodontic services. Instead of investing in those tools, you need a Live Chatbot, like Walter, that’s explicitly designed for dental practitioners and practices. The more conversations Walter has with your patients, the more intelligent it becomes at providing better and more specific responses to your patient’s inquiries. 

This way, you can rest assured that your patients are getting the information they need about your dental services and practice when they need it. 

  1. Live Chatbot Ensures No Patient Requests Slips Through The Cracks

Chances are that your front desk staff or receptionist gets overwhelmed with the number of phone calls and appointment schedules they have to manage. In such a situation, some patients’ inquiries and requests may be unattended. With a Live Chatbot tool, you can ensure no patient communication slips through the cracks. 

Think of a Live Chatbot like a digital assistant for your team who can field all patient requests and loop you in at any time to take over the conversation. If you’re using Connect the Doc’s Live Chatbot, you can easily jump in and out of conversations and move the conversations from your webpage to text messages so they can engage with patients on the go. 

With the right Live Chatbot tool, you and your team will never miss a patient’s message or request again. 

  1. Live Chatbot Allows You Learn More About Your Patients

In addition to allowing patients access to the information they need about your dental services, and their requests are always attended to, live chatbot tools provide insights about patient’s behavior and preferences. Using a tool like Walter, you can learn about common patient requests and preferences. These insights will help you make informed decisions about the way you engage with your patients. 

Give Your Dental Patients The Experience They Deserve

Patients are the core of what you do. Ideally, you want every patient who interacts or engages with your dental practice to feel satisfied with the quality of service they receive. Live Chatbots are an opportunity for you to improve your patient experience. This motivates patients to leave positive online reviews about your dental practice and even refer their friends and family to you. 
With Connect the Doc’s Live ChatBot, you can get one step closer to improving the quality of your dentist-patient relationship. Contact us today to learn more about Live Chatbots.

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