How Dental PPC Marketing Attracts Local SEO Traffic

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June 14, 2023
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More dental marketers and dentists are realizing that Pay-per-click campaigns and SEO techniques go hand in hand. This realization has made these two marketing strategies a must-have for several dentists. And as Local SEO becomes more of a priority for digital marketing, it’s useful to take a good look at how dental PPC marketing campaigns can help attract more local SEO traffic for dentists. 

This article will do just that—we’ll explore 5 ways your dental PPC marketing campaigns can contribute to the success of your Local SEO efforts. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of how combining your PPC and Local SEO strategies can help attract more traffic to your dental website and convert more quality patient leads. 

Before we proceed: if you’re not currently running PPC marketing campaigns for your dental practice but would like to, you can contact a Connect the Doc marketing specialist here. Our PPC specialists have worked with thousands of dentists and dental practices to help them get the most out of their PPC campaigns and increase their dental marketing ROI. 

5 Ways Dental PPC Marketing Campaign Attracts Local SEO Traffic

1. Discover Local Keywords

More people are searching for businesses, services and resources within their local community, and they are doing so online through search engines. The search queries used by your ideal prospective patients on search engines are your local keywords. These keywords can help you attract patients within your community who are most likely to use your dental services. 

You can use your dental PPC marketing campaigns to discover the local keywords that convert better and apply those keywords to your SEO strategy. Once you know these keywords, you can prioritize the optimization of web pages and blog posts that were written with these keywords in mind. Or you could write new web pages and blog posts to target these keywords. 

2. Attract Local Patients

SEO involves positioning your dental website to be ranked higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) after its being crawled by Googlebots. Googlebots considers a number of factors when ranking web pages including bounce rate and time on page. 

If your dental PPC marketing campaigns use local keywords, it is safe to say that local patients who visit your dental website after seeing your ads are interested in what you offer. These visits will boost your average time on page metric and reduce your bounce rate. The changes in these metrics would be a signal to Googlebots that, indeed, your website is an attractive option for local patients. As such, your website could rank higher on SERPs. 

3. Improve Online Visibility 

By running dental PPC marketing campaigns and implementing your Local SEO strategies simultaneously, you can have two listings on the first page of SERPs for local keywords. Together, these listings can help boost your online visibility as there’s a greater chance that more local prospective patients will click one of them. 

Furthermore, since PPC ads campaigns appear on different platforms, there’s a likelihood that your target local patients will stumble on your ads. Eventually, when they search for one of the local keywords you’re targeting, and they see your organic listing, it would be an added nudge to them to check out your dental services. 

4. Boost Conversions

If your landing pages are well-optimized, as more local patients click your paid and/or organic listing, they will be treated to compelling information that helps them decide on your service. 

At this point, you’ve done all you can to get them here. Your paid ads and SEO marketing strategies led them to your dental website, and now, the copy on your landing page will have to do its work and convince them to book an appointment or sign up for a service. In reality, if a patient has come this far, they are very likely to click your CTA. This will boost your conversion rate and, ultimately, increase your marketing ROI. 

5. Gather Insights for Content Marketing

Other than the local keywords you can glean from your dental PPC marketing campaigns, you can learn more about your patients. You can gather insights, such as their interests and demographics. These insights can inform your content marketing strategies. You can use them to decide on the best content to publish on your dental website that’ll engage your ideal target, local patients. 

With these five tips in mind, you can see how dental PPC marketing campaigns can benefit your overall dental marketing strategy—particularly your SEO considerations. It’s time to start using your PPC results to improve your SEO marketing strategy, but you don’t have to do any of this alone. Contact a Connect the Doc specialist to help you get started on your next dental PPC marketing campaign. 

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