Dental Marketing 101: Why Dentists Should Run Remarketing Campaigns

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June 14, 2023
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Most dental marketing strategies focus on reaching more prospective patients and introducing them to your dental practice. While these efforts have their merits, they can seem futile and slow at times. Ideally, you want your ads to target patients who are most likely to book an appointment with your practice — and this is exactly what remarketing your PPC ads can do for you.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an advertisement strategy that targets patients who previously visited your website but did not take an action i.e. they did not schedule an appointment with you. The goal of this kind of marketing is to engage these patients at multiple touchpoints so they know more about your brand or be reminded of your dental services. 

Remarketing works by adding a snippet code to your dental website that identifies prospective patients who visit your website. As these patients leave your website, they’ll see your paid ads, learn more about your brand, and be reminded to revisit your site. More so, these patients can be targeted based on the kinds of pages they visit on your website i.e. if they visit a page about braces on your website, you can show them ads about dental fillings or your orthodontic services. 

Benefits of Running A Dental Remarketing Campaign

Before we get into more details about dental remarketing campaigns, you should know why and how these kinds of paid ad campaigns can be useful to your dental practice. With remarketing, you can: 

  1. Run Highly Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Instead of showing your paid ads to prospective patients who may not be interested in your dental practice, you can target those who have already shown interest through their past interactions with your dental website. You can reach these patients as they look up search queries related to your practice and browse across different websites and apps. With well-targeted paid ads, you can be more efficient with your dental marketing strategies. 
  2. Save Cost: Remarketing allows you to save money otherwise spent on extensive and expensive marketing and paid advertisement campaigns. Using Google Ads Network, you can create remarketing campaigns with automated bidding. This calculates the optimal bid/cost for your ads so you can reach more patients and get more bang for your buck. 
  3. Gather Key Marketing Insights: When you run remarketing campaigns, you can use marketing copy, promotional images, and video ads to learn what works when it comes to convinces prospective patients to schedule appointments. Remember that remarketing paid ads is all about creating multiple promotional touchpoints so this is a good way to discover what marketing collateral actually gets you the most conversion. 

Types of Dental Remarketing Campaigns

There are typically five ways you can approach your dental remarketing campaigns. Each of these approaches depends on the behaviours or past actions of your dental website’s visitors. Your choice of approach should be tailored to meet your marketing goals. As a best practice, consult a dental marketing specialist who can advise you on how to go about your dental remarketing campaign. 

  1. Standard remarketing: This is the most common approach to remarketing. It involves targeting all prospective patients who have visited your website at one point or the other. Compared to others, this approach allows you to reach more patients at a time. 
  2. Dynamic remarketing: This is a more targeted approach that involves showing your paid ads to prospective patients who visited specific service or product pages on your dental website. It is a great way to promote discounts on specific dental services.  
  3. Search remarketing: Search remarketing is all about showing your paid ads to prospective patients who have previously visited your website as they look up specific search queries on Google’s search engine. In other words: f a patient visits your website and then proceeds to look up Invisalign (or a search query of your choice), they will see your paid ads amongst the search results.
  4. Video remarketing: This approach targets prospective patients who have viewed your dental videos on Youtube. If you’ve uploaded videos about your dental practice on Youtube and someone interacts with one of your videos, they will see your paid ads as they browse other websites and apps. 
  5. Customer list remarketing: To use this approach, you need to have a predetermined list of patients’ contact information. These are essentially email addresses that your patients made their appointments. With this information, you can target your remarketing approach in such a way that these patients, when signed in to their Google accounts, see your paid ads across different Google products. 

How to Remarket Your Dental PPC Ads

To get started on your remarketing strategy, you should create a Google Ads account for your dental practice (if you don’t already have one) and follow these instructions provided by Google. With the steps outlined, you can start running your remarketing campaign in no time and giving your practice a good chance of booking more appointments. 
Keep in mind that PPC ads are just as efficient as they are tricky to manage. To save you time and money, you should hire or work with a digital dental marketing expert who can manage your PPC campaigns. You don’t have to look too far to find such an expert, Connect the Doc’s team of marketing specialists can help you run successful remarketing campaigns to boost your dental marketing performance and revenue.

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