5 Tips for a Better Landing Page

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The Connect the Doc Team

In these tech-savvy times, we all need to make sure that our websites — especially our landing pages — are up to snuff and designed to attract and convert the maximum amount of clients. Here are 5 simple ways to improve your landing page:

1. A clear Call-to-action:

  • Don’t leave your visitors scratching their heads about what to do once they get to your website.
  • Don’t have too many call-to-actions to clutter up your webpage.

2. Don’t ask for too much information online

  • Don’t ask too many questions on your website, or visitors will feel that it’s not worth their time
  • Only ask the minimum information that you need: usually first name/last name and email is good enough

3.  Don’t write too much text on your landing page

  • Don’t write more text than what you think your visitors are willing to read

4.  Get rid of visual distractions:

  • Don’t over-decorate your landing page; it will distract visitors from what you really want them to do
  • Visual distractions in the form of motions
  • Be careful of sliders/banners because they will kill your conversion rate
  • Get rid of unnecessary motion gimmicks – they rarely work and only serve to annoy and interrupt visitors

5.  Deal with the lack of Trust

  • It’s very hard to build trust online
  • Make sure your landing page is “trustworthy”: show off your employees, awards, clients, etc.
  • Prove to your visitors that your business would be good for them