5 Out of the Box Ways to Market Your Dental Practice in 2019

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The Connect the Doc Team

Far too often, owners of dental practices are content with falling back on the same standard marketing techniques, only to see their growth stall. Dental practices need to look beyond the traditional marketing methods like mailers and banner ads, and utilize unconventional tactics in order to reach new audiences.

Form an unexpected partnership with another organization

Consumer companies use partnerships with other organizations as a standout marketing strategy to great effect. That’s because they can combine their own brand reach and established channels with those of a complimentary company, and the two entities can increase there reach and effectiveness of their messaging as a result.

However, partnerships can be incredibly beneficial for dental practice’s marketing performance as well. Institutions that have very little surface-level connection to dentistry can help you introduce your brand to an entirely new audience. You can partner with local non-profits to host community-focused events, cross-promote products and services with different types of businesses, and much more. As long as both organizations bring specific value to the table, nothing is off-limits.

Incorporate content marketing like a B2B company

For many B2B organizations—especially those that deal in technically complex products—content marketing is an invaluable part of their marketing arsenal. They can use it to educate their prospects on the finer points of the product’s value proposition, and build relationships that are strengthened over time throughout multiple touchpoints.

Dentistry, likewise, is a complex service, and one that most people outside of the industry know very little about. You can use your website and your content marketing platform to create a body of materials that educates your prospective patients about dental practice in general, and about the specific techniques and attributes that set your practice apart from the competition.

Use video to showcase behind-the-scenes footage and share it with social channels

If there’s one thing that savvy companies have learned from social media marketing, it’s that customers love being given inside looks at the brands they connect with. It speaks to the desire in all of us to be part of a group that is somewhat selective.

You probably know that your dental practice needs to have a presence on social media, but you may be less sure what exactly it should be used for. Aside from being a place where your patients can easily contact you and you can interact with them regularly, your social channels are perfect for sharing behind-the-scenes footage of your practice that will make your followers feel like they are part of the family.

Create interactive email marketing pieces that get users involved

Interactivity is one of the great under-appreciated techniques in marketing. It’s such a simple idea: instead of just saying something to your audience, ask them to do something. People are receptive to effective marketing activities, but many times they would prefer to be an active rather than passive participant in the process.

There are many ways you can foster interactivity among your audience, from social media giveaways to trivia challenges. One of the most simple ways to execute this strategy is to include a spelling error somewhere in your email newsletter, ask your audience to find it, and award a dental-themed prize (such as a Sonicare toothbrush) to the first person who responds with the correct answer.

Use patient reviews as a cornerstone of your digital strategy

Featuring customer reviews prominently on their website is essentially mandatory for most types of consumer companies these days. Not only do customers want the reassurances that unbiased reviews bring to the table, but research indicates that increasing the number of reviews featured for a product exponentially increases the chances for a conversion up to a certain point.

You can include a web applet on your popular conversion pages that pulls patient reviews form various reputable sources. Just make sure that all reviews are authentic, because utilizing fake reviews can be much more damaging than never featuring reviews in the first place.

Your business may not be the same as a Silicon Valley tech startup, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of innovative marketing techniques. Use these and other unexpected strategies to help you grow your practice and establish deeper connections with your patients.