Plastic Surgery Marketing

Plastic Surgery Marketing

Plastic surgery marketing has never been more important for plastic surgery providers and practices than it is right now! There are still a lot of people who can benefit and would be interested in plastic surgery, but because of the post-COVID-19 recession, you might have to dig a little deeper to find them. That's where marketing comes in. Plastic surgery marketing is all about finding the right people and sending them to you so that you can convert them into new patients.

What is Plastic Surgery Marketing

"Marketing" has become a buzzword these days. It's a word that is used often but usually has little-to-no meaning or value. For most marketing agencies, the word "marketing" means posting Facebook updates a few times a week. Indeed, if you were to ask ten different marketing agencies what marketing is these days, you would likely get ten different answers! Let us tell you what marketing means to us.

Our Idea of Plastic Surgery Marketing

To us, there are different levels or pieces of marketing that all tie into each other. For example, there is social media marketing, which is not marketing by itself but is a critical piece of funnel marketing. With an excellent cosmetic surgery marketing campaign in place, you will improve your funnel marketing substantially if you have an active social media campaign. These campaigns should always begin with an offer, and that offer should be turned into an ad on, say, Facebook or Google Ads.

The result of turning your offers into advertisements will be more traffic to your well-designed and optimized landing pages. Here, your guests can claim the offer that you have given them, becoming a new lead at that moment. Consider this step 1 of your marketing strategy.  

Converting Leads into Paying Patients

Getting leads is the easy part. Converting your leads that are generated from your marketing campaign is where having a plastic surgery marketing company in your corner will come in handy. Connect the Doc will work with you to train your front desk on lead conversion. For most plastic surgery clinics, lead conversion happens at the front desk.  

Connect the Doc is a plastic surgery marketing company that will teach you how to nurture your leads. For example, if a lead calls, with a properly trained front desk, you can find out their name, phone number, and which kind of services they are interested in. This allows you to reach out to them and nurture these leads. Perhaps you can offer some kind of incentive, like a discount, that will encourage them to take the step and become a patient of yours.

Let Us Help

These are just some of the marketing strategies and tactics that we use. We can help you select the best critical information, patient testimonials, and personalized messages to reach the people who are interested in your services. By addressing all hangups and determining what prevents your leads from taking the next step, we can help them to overcome and become a patient.


Plastic Surgery Marketing
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Plastic Surgery Marketing Plastic Surgery Marketing