Connect the Doc is a digital referral platform that helps healthcare practitioners digitize, grow, and manage their referral networks to get more business in today’s hyper-competitive environment.


The Connect the Doc Platform allows healthcare practitioners to:

  • Send, receive and track referrals easily with confirmed bookings
  • Network with other healthcare practitioners and show referral partners what appointment slots they have available.
  • Create endorsement driven profiles and landing pages that add trust.


As a result, practitioners can expect:

  • More referral partners within their network
  • Increased numbers of bookings and requests
  • Less referral leakage and admin headaches
  • A better online presence with more professional endorsements


There are more than 37,852 clinics in Canada and over 469,932 in the United States.

ConnectTheDoc’s platform helps health practitioners:

  1. Gain an edge in today’s competitive environment: Digital referrals make it easy for referred patients to book appointments with a clinic.
  2. Save on marketing costs: Referrals are much more cost-effective than other marketing methods such as phone book listings and pay-per-click-ads.
  3. Reduce administrative headaches: Digital referrals and real-time appointment booking prevent referral leakage that cost clinics in lost profits.

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