Nadeem Kassam, CEO & Co-Founder

Nadeem Kassam first conceived his idea for Connect the Doc in 2010, when his dentist father could not attend an important family celebration because he could not find a provider to refer his patient to. He majored in Economics at Whitman College, where he focused on econometrics and its application to small business development.

For more than 15 years, Nadeem has been involved in practice consulting and marketing for many private healthcare practices. With his unique blend of operational and internal marketing ‘know-how’, Nadeem has the gift of finding the root problems and coming up with different solutions to solve them. Since launching Connect the Doc in 2012, Nadeem and his team have helped practice owners increase the value of their practices by more than $50,000,000. When he is not in the office you can find Nadeem playing tennis and hockey, reading business books, and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Nasheel Kassam, Co-Founder

Nasheel Kassam received his Bachelors of Science (Business Administration Major and Communications Minor) from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. At Trinity, Nash was recruited to play Varsity golf and was selected for the First Team All Conference. In addition to his success on the source, Nash became an Academic All-american. After his graduation, he applied his business knowledge as acting manager and marketing director of two Vancouver clinics. Prior to co-founding Connect the Doc, Nasheel co-founded NK Media, a digital agency specializing in helping healthcare clinics develop their online presence.