How It Works - Patient

Search and book for free.

  • 1. Search

    Find an appointment time with a healthcare professional that works for you. Compare docs and clinics by browsing their profiles.

  • Book

    2. Book Online

    Sign-In to your account or Sign-Up in less than 60 seconds. Click on your desired appointment time to book online.

  • 3. Confirm the Appointment

    Enter the 4-digit code sent via text message into the confirmation field to validate the booking.

  • Manage

    4. Manage your Appointments and Get a Reminder

    Sign-In and manage your recently booked appointments. We will send you a reminder 48 hours in advance so that you can cancel your appointment if necessary.

Connect the Doc is a free service for people who are booking appointments with healthcare professionals. There may be fees associated with the appointment that you are booking; you are responsible for paying those fees to the practice or healthcare professional. Contact their office for more information.