Patient FAQ


What personal information is stored on Connect the Doc's servers?

The information that you provide to Connect the Doc during sign-up and in your profile is stored on our servers. This information is only accessible by our system administrators and the healthcare professionals that you book appointments with. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Why can't I sign in to my account?

There could be a couple of reasons why you can't sign in:

  • You've typed the wrong username or password. Make sure that you don't have the caps lock on. If you've forgotten your password, reset it here.
  • You haven't activated your account yet. Check your email for the account verification message from Connect the Doc, and click the link in the message to activate it. If you can't find the email, check your junk folder.

Finding a Doc

I know the name of the healthcare professional that I want to see. How can I find them?

Type their name in the search bar located at the top of the page. If they have a Connect the Doc account, they will appear in the search results.

I found a healthcare professional that I like but there are no appointment times available. How can I find an available appointment?

Clinics do not show all of a healthcare professional's available appointments on Connect the Doc. If you can't find a time that works for your schedule, try contacting the practice via email or phone to find an available appointment.

Booking an Appointment

Do I need a Connect the Doc account to search for an appointment?

No, you do not need an account to do a search. However, if you would like to book an appointment, you'll need to sign up for an account. It's painless and completely free*.

How do I book an appointment on Connect the Doc?

Search for a healthcare professional in your area and click the appointment time that works best for you. Sign in or create an account and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your appointment. You will receive a confirmation email once your appointment has been successfully booked.

Why can't I book an appointment online with some healthcare professionals?

Online booking is available only for healthcare professionals that are connected to a practice on Connect the Doc. If you would like to book an appointment with them, call their office.

How many days in advance are appointments available?

That depends on the healthcare professional's practice. Some clinics may release last-minute appointments while others may release them a month in advance. Use the advanced search to find a healthcare professional for a specific time period.

Can I book an appointment for friends or family members on my account?

No. Your friends and family members must create their own accounts in order to book an appointment on Connect the Doc.

Why do I have to use my cell phone number to confirm my appointment?

Clinics need a number that they can reach you at. It also prevents online bots from creating and booking random appointments.

Do I need to give my credit card number to book an appointment?

No. When you show up to your appointment, the practice will take care of billing. You can call them beforehand to get an estimate.

What are your cancellation and no-show policies?

Cancellations for Connect the Doc appointments should be made through your account at least 24 hours in advance. If you must cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, call the practice directly. The practice may charge a cancellation or no-show fee; check their profile for more details.

What should I do if a practice cancels my appointment?

From time to time, unexpected emergencies can affect your healthcare professional's schedule. The practice will contact you immediately if an appointment needs to be rescheduled; you can either reschedule with them or find another healthcare professional on Connect the Doc.

I want to use my extended healthcare insurance to cover the costs of my appointment. How does insurance work on your website?

Connect the Doc does not deal with healthcare insurance. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are covered by your insurance provider for the appointments that you book. Prior to your appointment, you should find out what treatments are covered and how much the coverage is. You should also determine if you are responsible for any co-payments and how much they are.

All insurance companies have different plans, policies, and prices, but for the most part, there are three different ways that clinics accept insurance:

  1. They accept assignment. When you have an appointment for a treatment covered by your insurance provider, the practice bills them directly and you only pay the co-payment (if applicable).
  2. They do not accept assignment. When you have an appointment for a covered treatment, you are responsible for the payment when you visit the practice, but they submit the paperwork to your insurance provider. You will be reimbursed without having to submit the receipt yourself.
  3. They do not accept insurance. When you have an appointment for a covered treatment, you are responsible for submitting your receipts and providing the proper paperwork to your insurance company before getting reimbursed.

About Connect the Doc

What is a doc?

A doc is a healthcare professional such as a dentist, optometrist, massage therapist, etc.

Is Connect the Doc available outside of BC?

At the moment, Connect the Doc is only available in Greater Vancouver, but we will be expanding our services throughout Canada. If you would like Connect the Doc to come to your city, contact us because we are prioritizing our expansion based on the demand of our users.

When will I receive emails from Connect the Doc?

Connect the Doc only sends you confirmation and reminder emails. Your email address is secure in our system, and you will not receive any spam mail from Connect the Doc.

Why is Connect the Doc not working?

You must enable JavaScript in your browser. (See your browser's help file or documentation). Try refreshing the browser if the page is blank. Feel free to contact customer service at

*Connect the Doc is a free service for people who are booking appointments with healthcare professionals. There may be fees associated with the appointment that you are booking; you are responsible for paying those fees to the practice or healthcare professional. Contact their office for more information.