Who qualifies for a doc account?

If you're a healthcare professional who has been accredited by your professional association, sign up for a free doc account. Check the drop-down menu on the Doc Sign-Up page to see if we are currently accepting healthcare professionals from your field. We are continuously expanding our database of professionals, so contact us if you would like us to add healthcare fields that are not already listed.

What are the benefits of having a free Connect the Doc account?

Connect the Doc is a great alternative for healthcare professionals who want an online presence. With the free account, you can create a profile that tells prospective patients more about your work and your approach to healthcare. Your profile will show up in Connect the Doc search results when the search bar is used and in Google's search results when your name is searched. You can also share the link to this profile through social media platforms.

What's the difference between a doc account and a practice account?

A doc account is a free account for healthcare professionals in certain fields. (This list will be expanded in the future). Right now the doc account only includes a professional profile, but we will add additional features very soon. A practice account, which contains a profile for the practice, is the account that controls the healthcare professional's schedule to allow online booking.

How do I allow online booking?

You must be connected to a practice that has a Connect the Doc account.

Connecting to a Practice

Why should I connect my account to a practice's account?

In order for your name to appear in the search results when a patient looks for an appointment, your account must be connected to a practice account. If you're not connected to a practice, your profile will still appear in the search results when your name is searched using the Connect the Doc search bar at the top of every page. If you don't work at a practice, you can create a practice account for yourself. Contact us for more information.

How do I get connected to a practice?

It's easy. Sign in to Connect the Doc, click Connect to a Practice and search from the practice's name to send an invitation. When the practice receives the invitation, they can accept your request. If your practice isn't on Connect the Doc, talk to them about opening an account.

Can a healthcare professional manage their own calendar?

No. Only a practice can manage the healthcare professional's schedule.

How do I get started and set up my profile?

Sign up for a doc account, and within two business days of your request, we'll verify your credentials with the practice that you work at. Then we'll activate your account and send you a confirmation email.