Practice FAQ


What types of clinics can sign up for Connect the Doc?

Connect the Doc is currently taking practice account requests in the following healthcare fields: dentistry, physiotherapy, chiropractics, massage therapy, and optometry. We will be including more healthcare fields soon. If you think your profession would work well with Connect the Doc, please contact us so our team can work on accommodating your request.

What if we have two offices in different locations under the same brand?

Each office building needs its own account. The address of the practice has to match the address of the practice profile to avoid any possible confusion for patients who book appointments online. To help multi-location clinics, we offer a discount on multiple accounts.

Is Connect the Doc a replacement for my practice management software?

No, Connect the Doc doesn't replace your in-house practice management software. Our scheduling service is meant to be used in addition to your software so that people can book their appointments online instead of by phone.

Is the information in my profile locked?

No, your profile is an opportunity to represent YOU, not someone else!

Do you have any free marketing resources?

Yes. Contact us and we can email your some free marketing resources to help you promote your practice.

Service packages

What are the different Connect the Doc service packages?

We have two service packages: Basic and Deluxe. Our service packages are always changing as we continue to add more services to the site. Please contact us for the most up-to-date details of our service packages.

Can my practice customize pre-existing packages?

Absolutely! When you sign up, you can add different features and services that you think will benefit your practice. Our site will continue to develop new features that can be added to your account.

Connecting to a Doc

How many healthcare professionals' schedules can be managed?

Depending on the service package, you can manage the schedules for up to eight (8) healthcare professionals at your practice. Contact us for more information about our different service packages.

Should I connect to all the healthcare professionals that work at my practice?

Yes, even if you're not managing their schedules, you should connect to all your healthcare professionals. They need to be connected to a practice in order to appear in the search results when a patient looks for an appointment. This will also increase your practice's visibility on Connect the Doc and online in general.

About Connect the Doc

Where is Connect the Doc available?

Connect the Doc is currently available for clinics in the Greater Vancouver area. Healthcare professionals in selective fields can create their personal profiles anywhere in Canada. We will be expanding soon, so please contact us if you would like us to come to your city next.

How can my practice advertise on Connect the Doc?

We are not currently accepting any advertising requests on our website. We may add feature listings to the search results in the future, so keep checking the site.